Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas in the Bay Area

Earlier this month I took a day trip with my mom to the Bay Area.  We met with an artist licensing group that she belongs to in Berkley, and afterwards we went to Emeryville to visit our friend Kim who owns a crepe cart on Bay Street.  We of course had to have lunch, so we split a savory Florentine crepe for lunch, and for our dessert crepe we splurged on the Bananas and Nuttella crepe.  Let me just say, they were both scrumptious!  I recommend you visit Crepes a la Carte on Bay Street if you are in the area, and be sure to bring your appetite!  Thanks Mom for a great girls' day out and thank you Kim for a delicious lunch! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!


Gorgeous mailbox on Bay Street


Great Carolers on Bay Street!

 Crepe Cart!

Yummy Bananas and Nuttela Crepe ;-)