Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

The kids are getting so excited for Christmas!  They have been busily cutting snowflakes and paper doll garlands and have already decorated two of our three miniature trees! However, I haven't encouraged them to put any snowflakes in the windows yet, as this always triggers a snow storm!  The lights are all up on the outside of the house, and picket fence. The yard has been festooned with giant candy canes.  It is safe to say we are almost ready for Santa.  I hope you are all keeping busy with Christmas crafts and keeping warm at night.  Let's not forget to do something special for those who have less than us at this season and throughout the year.  You can give your time or your money, just give what you can--there is always someone who has less than you do.   Peace to you all. 


                                    This is the medium sized tree of the set.

This is one of my son's beautiful snowflakes!

I love these paper doll garlands they made as well!

Here is the littlest tree that my youngest son loaded with my handmade ornaments and a gift he wrapped for Santa!!!

                                One of my handmade fabric ornaments.

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